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8:00 – 10:00                Registration


10:00–11:00 Opening Ceremony


Prof. Dr. Dina Shokry

President of the summer school

Prof. Dr. Klaus Püschel

President of the summer school

Prof. Dr. Fathy Khodair

Dean of Faculty of Medicine.

Mr. Julius George Luy

The German ambassador in Cairo

Dr. Roman Luckscheiter

The head of the DAAD office in Cairo

11:00-11:15 Prof. Dr. Klaus Püschel. An Urgent Need: An Ambulance for Victims of Violence in An Urban Setting
11:15-11:30 Prof. Mohammed Elfawal Significance of Molecular Autopsy in Sudden Death of the Young
Session I:

Gender Based Violence

Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
11:30-12:00 Dr. Ahmad Samarji Bullying and Domestic Violence: Breaking the Intimate Relationship
12:00-12:10 Prof. Sarhan Rafik Equality Between Women and Men You Say….?!!!
12:10-12:20 Dr. Asmaa El-Banna A Medicolegal Study of Domestic Violence in South Region of Jordan
12:20-12:30 Dr. Rabab El-Kelany Pattern of Sexual Assault in Gharbia Governorate During the Period Between 2011-2014 (A Retrospective Study)
12:30-12:40 Dr. Abeer Hagras Intimate Partner Violence Among Egyptian Pregnant Women: Incidence, Risk Factors, And Adverse Maternal and Fetal Outcomes
12:40-12:50 Dr. Mai Mahrous Domestic Violence; Physical Abuse Against Females (Cases Admitted to Kasr Al-Ainy Hospital During the Year 2016)
12:50-13:00 Dr. Esraa Ghanem Violence Against Women and Its Association with Cervical Cancer
13:00-13:10 Dr. Israa Sand Sex Determination from Orbital Measurement Among a Sample of Egyptians Using Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography
13:10-13:25 Discussion
13:25-13:55 Coffee Break
Session II:

Students’ Activity

Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
13:55-14:05 Ahmed Samy Amer

Mai Abdallah El Shahat

Mohamed Ahmed Fawzy

Nouran Khaled Sharaf

Nourhan Emad Zanaty

Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting: Why Don’t Help Such Flowers Blossom?
14:05-14:15 Basma Gamal Abdellatif

Rokeya Salah Elsayed

Amany Abdellah Nasr

Hamza Ahmed Obaid

Hasnaa Reda Darwish

Manar Saeed Salim

Taquwa Samy Aly

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) From Kasr Elainy Medical Students Point of View & Role of Media in Increasing Awareness About It.
14:15-14:25 Eman Mosaad Hamed

Esraa Ramadan Hendawy

Nesma Wageh

Aya Ali Abd El-Fattah

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) From Al Azhar Medical Students Point of View& Role of Al Azhar Institution in Raising Public Awareness
14:25-14:35 Zeinab Gamal El Dein

Afnan Sayed Abdel Aal

Mona Fathy Awad Abdo

Nada Mohamad Hassan

Nada Sherif Mahmoud

Omar Mohamed El Zahar

Yasmine Abdalla

Female Genital Mutilation from the Point of View Of 6 October Medical Students and Its Future in The Egyptian Society.
14:35-14:45 Mohamed Abdallah

Mohamed Abdelsattar

The Psychological impact of FGC in Alexandria
14:45-14:55 Sara El Masry

Eslam Abdel Kerim

Roaa ElSalmy

Rhagd Moharam

Shaden Abbas

Female Abuse in The Eyes of Different Arabian Medical Students
14:55-15:05 Mohamed A Magraby

Ahmed E Nawar

Nada N Nagah

Mona Ibrahim

Ahmed E Ghali

Amr M Bdrawy

Walaa A Hafez

Educational standards and gender Perception and attitudes of domestic violence in Alexandria, Egypt: A comparative cross sectional study
15:05-15:15 Aya M Ragab

Eman E Hamed

Soad E Hamed

Gasmen M Gomaa

Manar N Ghanem

Samar E Mansor

Globalization Versus Culture: A Serendipity Conflict
15:15-15:25 Mohamed M Amer

Samar Genidy

Behind Closed Doors: The Tragedy of Child Marriage; A Form of Child Abuse
15:25-15:35 Sarah Y Aboalhassan

Salsabel S Hassan

Salma A Ahmed

Safaa D Abdullah

Violence in media; how it affects human behavior?
15:35-15:45 Ahmed Adel Mekawy

Mayar Khaled Salah

Marwa Abdel Rahman

Anas Osama Mohamed

New Perspectives of Domestic Violence
15:45-16:00 Discussion
Light Lunch


Second Day: Monday 5/12/2016 

8:00 – 9:00                Registration

9:00-10:00 Work Shop

Dr. Ahmad Samarji

Combating Cyber Violence: Employing Netiquette1 To Create a Safer Cyberspace



Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
10:00–10:15 Dr. Christiane Paulus Cultural Patterns of Domestic Violence and Their Religious Justification
10:15-10:25 Dr. Metwally Elsayed Does Late and Non-Intensive Intervention in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Considered Medical Negligence: An Overview on Child Abuse
10:25–10:35 Dr. Issam Hithem Importance of Establishment of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Center in Aden Region – Yemen.
10:35-10:45 Dr. Amani Abdel Fattah The Intimate Partner Violence & Innovative Musical Therapy for The Consequences of It
10:45-10:55 Dr. Mohamed Naguib Partner Violence and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Review)
10:55-11:05 Dr. Walaa Abd El Hady Cases of Death Due to Firearm Injuries at Zeinhom Morgue
11:05-11:15 Dr. Ghada Hasabo Violence Directed Towards Physicians; Situation in Cairo, Egypt
11:15-11:25 Dr. Nermin Fayed Contribution of Videogames to Violence: A Cross-Sectional Study
11:25-11:35 Dr. Nada ElSayed Domestic Violence in Egyptian Rural Areas
11:35-11:45 Dr. Yasmine Ali

Dr. Sara Abdlmaksoud

Violence related injuries (A questionnaire based study at Kasr Alaini emergency hospital)
11:45-11:55 Discussion
11:55-12:25 Coffee Break
Session II:


Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
12:25-12:40 Prof. Hermann Vogel Air in Post Mortem Ct – Riddle, Tool, and Clue
12:40-12:50 Prof. Usama El-Barrany Estimation of Age from Spheno-Occipital Synchondrosis Closure Using Computed Tomography in Yemen
12:50-13:00 Dr. Sanaa Mohamed Aly Long COII Marker for Identification of Entomological Evidence
13:00-13:10 Dr. Eman Ahmed Alaaeldeen Using Multi-Slice Computed Tomography   In Age Estimation Based on The Fusion of The Sternal Elements Among Group of Egyptian Subjects
13:10-13:20 Dr. Eman Abd Elghaffar Radwan Evaluation of Respiratory Causes of Death Retrospective and Prospective Studies of Cases Referred to Medico Legal Administration Great Cairo. Egypt from 1st Jun 2005 to 31st March 2008.
13:20-13:30 Prof. Houssein Nofal Examination of Commingled Dead Bodies and the roll of forensic anthropology
13:30-13:40 Dr. Heba El-Sayed Mostafa Timing of Traumatic Brain Injury and Its Systemic Effects on The Lungs of Adult Male Albino Rats
13:40-13:50 Prof. Houssein Nofal Project of Syrian Computerized Identification Program
13:50-14:00 Dr. Sahar Elias Mutation of STRs In Paternity Testing
14:00-14:15 Discussion


Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
14:15-14:25 Moheeb AlGhanimi Domestic Violence Among Medical Students
14:25-14:35 Dina Samir

Rana Abdelwahab

Shireen Gaafar,

Sherif Ashraf

Amira Ibrahim

Omar Abd El Aziz

Violence Against Pregnant Females When Pregnancy Is a Source of Abuse Rather Than Happiness!
14:35-14:45 Alaa Fayez Mohamed

Asmaa Salah Al-Sehly

Kidnapping Children” A New Form of Child Abuse and The Role of Social Media in The Recovery of Missing Children in Last Two Years
14:45-14:55 Al Shaymaa Ibrahim Ali

Alaa Mokhtar Haroun

Survey on The Prevalence of Female Sexual Harassment in Public Places
14:55-15:05 Abdelrahman Ayman

Maged El-Sayed

Mohamed Taha

Mohamed Adel Ahmed Mohamed Hesham

Neglecting Elders in Egypt (A Current Problem or Not ?)
15:05-15:15 Abdelrahman Gamal Cyber Violence Against Women   A New Type of Female Abuse
15:15-15:25 Mennat Allah Ashraf

Hend Onsy

“Does Dentistry Have Anything to Do with Domestic Violence?”
15:25-15:35 Hamzah Alzahrani

Sultan Alzahrani

Yazeed Alzahrani

Hassan Alzahrani

Awareness and Factors Influenced Selecting Forensic Medicine as Career Among Male Medical Students in Albaha University, Saudi Arabia
15:35-15:45 Eman Ahmed El-Tantawy

Eman Osama Ali

Traffic Accidents” The Worst Crime Against Society
15:45-16:00 Discussion
Light Lunch



Third Day: Tuesday 6/12/2016

7:00 – 8:00                Registration



Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
8:00-8:15 Dr. Med. Bassam AL-Mohammad Identification: Management of The Unknown Corpses in Homs City During Syrian Crisis
8:15-8:30 Dr. Anwar Mohamed Elarbi Childhood Under Circumstance of The Civil War in Tripoli – Libya
8:30-8:45 Dr. Issam Hithem Sexual Violence in Armed Conflicts as Crime Under International Law
8:45-9:00 Prof. Houssein Nofal Challenges and Missions of the General Commission of Forensic Medicine in Syria
9:00-9:15 Prof. Mahmud Kaddura Human Torture in Libya: During and After Arabic Spring
9:15-9:30 Discussion


Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
9:30-9:45 Dr. Othman Elzentani Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)- The Medicolegal Dilemma
9:45-10:00 Dr. Khaled Doubali The Case of Filicide Mother
10:00-10:10 Dr. Heba Allah Tarek Ismael Violent Behaviors in Early Adulthood: “A Questionnaire in Misr University for Science and Technology”
10:10-10:20 Dr. Rania Kamal Hassan Emotional, Physical and Sexual Abuse and Its Psychological Impact in Children
10:20-10:30 Dr. Nazih Ramadan Ragab Childhood Experiences of Physical, Emotional and Sexual Abuse Among Medical Students in Cairo University
10:40-10:50 Discussion


Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
10:50–11:00 Dr. Mona Mohamed Ali Pattern of Tramadol Toxicity in Children: A Retrospective Study of Cases Received at National Environmental and Clinical Toxicological Research Center (NECTR) During the Year 2014
11:00-11:10 Dr. Hoda Ahmed Violence and Illicit Drugs
11:10-11:20 Dr. Rania Abdel Maguid The Cycle of Substance Abuse and Teen Crimes
11:20-11:30 Dr. Sarah Hamed The Effect of Chronic Use of Nicotine, Cannabis and Tramadol on Semen Quality Among Subfertile Males
11:30-11:40 Dr. Noha Magdy El Rafie Pneumomediastinum: Shall Rare Complications of Kerosene Toxicity in Children Remain Unattended?
11:45-11:55 Nashwa S. Sheta

Abrar R. Abouelkheir

Violence and drug abuse (A questionnaire based study at the National Egyptian Center for Clinical and Environmental Toxicology)
11:55-12:05 Discussion
12:05-12:35 Coffee Break
12:35-13:50 Work Shop

Dr. Manal Bamousa

When Words Matter, Advance Tips on Child Forensic Interviewing.



Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
13:50-14:05 Dr. Mumen Hadidi Investigation of Deaths Is Respect to Human Lives
14:05-14:20 Prof. Mete Gülmen Domestic Violence Against Women, “Responsibilities of The Emergency & Family Medicine Practitioners”
14:20-14:35 Mrs. Barbara Franke Summer Schools From 2010 – 2016, Activities and Key Topics On „Gender-Based Violence “.  A Cooperation of Cairo University with The Institute of Legal Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
14:35-14:50 Discussion


Allocated Time Speaker Presentation Title
14:50-15:00 Merehan Mohammed

Islam Kamal

Mariam Mohammed

Sara Basiony

Eliminate Child Marriage
15:00-15:10 Saeed Ragab

Ahmed gad 

Heba Sami 

Yasmina Sayed

Child Marriage (A Crime Against Childhood)
15:10-15:20 Ahmed Essam eldin Ali

Aya Medhat Mohamed

Ahmed Ali Mosaad

Galal Eldin Ashraf

Child Abuse with Drugs
15:20-15:30 Salma Bahaa

Mirna Ashraf

Habiba Rady

Shady El Rashidy

Laila Ahmed

“Child Abuse: “The Case and The Cure and The Real Secret Behind the Child Abuse
15:30-15:40 Abeer Yahya Qattan Types of Suspicious Child Deaths in Riyadh 2013-2015. A Retrospective Study.
15:40-15:50 AbdalRahman Abdalkreem

AbdalRahman Mohsen

” Education at Schools Is a Source of Happiness or Allegation for Child Abuse?”
15:50-16:00 Esraa Mohammad

Iman Muhammad

Sara Gamal Nasr Allah

The Hidden Dangers of Children Exploitation in Advertisement and Exposure to Mass Media
16:00-16:10 Reham Mohammed

Sherif Ashraf

Salar Khabbat Nayyef

Adnan Nur Hassan

Doaa Mohammed Reda

The Crisis of Street & Homeless Children “A Bomb Waiting to Explode!!”
16:10-16:20 Discussion
16:20-17:00 Closing Ceremony & Recommendation of the Conference

Prof. Dr. Dina Shokry & Prof. Dr. Klaus Püschel

Light Lunch
















Title Authors
Homicidal deaths in Benghazi-Libya: (from 2013 to 2016) Mahmud. A. Kaddura

Sabah. A. Alqamati

Effect of Different Human Muscle Tissue Preservatives on Quality and Quantity of DNA: Medico Legal Aspect Maha I. Ali

Rehab I. Abdel-Karim

Ranya M. Mahmoud

Abeer M. Hagres

A medicolegal study of permanent infirmities resulting from occupational injuries in Alexandria Naima Sherif

Amal Mashali

Fatma Badr El Dine

Marwa Mohamad Haiba


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